Programs & Services
Care and Rehabilitation Services
1) Helpline

DFWAC offers the community of Dubai and the UAE a 24-hour hotline whereby any person can call to receive information about DFWAC services, request emergency assistance or referral, learn more about the issues of violence against women and children or to make a donation. Call agents are trained in conducting screenings to determine the type of services needed and level of urgency. DFWAC welcomes all callers and aims to provide professional, high quality responses to all. The types of services will be available to callers in need of services:

  1. Information & Referral Only
  2. Nonresidential Services
  3. Residential Services
2) Nonresidential Services
Nonresidential services are offered to individuals who are in need of services but may not be in need of emergency housing. These services include:
  • External Client Services

    These services include ongoing case management and referral. Case Management includes assistance and support with linkages to community resources and advocacy.

  • Family Counseling & Support Groups

    Family Counseling and Support groups will be offered in the future to help rebuild, reunite, and strengthen families.
  • Male Support Programs & Groups

    Programs will be offered in the future to assist male partners and spouses to develop healthier relationships and coping styles.
3) Residential Services
DFWAC provides secure and safe emergency and temporary Housing for children and women exposed violence Our extensive services include
  • Case Management & Support Planning

    DFWAC provides immediate and ongoing case management and support planning. Once the client is settled in, she will meet with her Case Manager to develop a Support Plan that details her goals, activities, services, estimated length of stay, and any other pertinent information or concerns.

  • Counseling and Psychological Services

    Professional counseling services will be available to all clients. Basic counseling services will focus on empowerment, building self-esteem, and healing and self-growth. Additional types of counseling, psychological, and/or referral for psychiatric services will be offered on a case-by-case basis and may include other family members.

  • Other Support Services

    DFWAC offers and assists clients with other support services and provides clients with the facilities and learning opportunities to make their stay at DFWAC productive and life enhancing

DFWAC supports and promotes active participation in groups, trainings, and activities as it is an important part of the healing process and growth. All programs, courses, and activities offered by DFWAC are designed to empower, inspire, and bring out the best in each person.

Admissions Policy

DFWAC services are available to women and children victims of domestic violence, child abuse, and human trafficking residing in Dubai regardless of race, nationality, class, ethnicity, religion or legal status. Each inquiry will be initially screened and services will rendered accordingly. All services are free of charge.

1) Community Awareness

DFWAC has a dedicated team to raise awareness on the issues of domestic violence, child abuse, and human trafficking. Educational Outreach is conducted in schools, universities, and other collaborating service providers.

Partnerships with governmental and NGO’s are also being developed to strengthen the services offered to victims of violence and to streamline existing services to offer the best available services to all.

Community Advocacy is another piece of community awareness in which DFWAC aims to engage the community in dialog and action to combat violence against women and children.

2) Programs & Research

The Programs & Research department is committed to collecting case statistics from clients served at DFWAC as well as contributing to the national research database on violence against women and children in UAE. DFWAC hopes that its research may contribute to national and international policy recommendations.

Programs internally, externally, nationally and globally are constantly in development and revised to not only fit with international standards for shelters, but also to provide the most comprehensive services to clients and victims of violence. Through a multidisciplinary approach embracing international human rights, social work, psychology, and public health, DFWAC aims to develop programs that serve both clients and the community at-large.

3) Marketing and Communications

The department of Marketing and Communications is invested in spreading social awareness on the issues of domestic violence, child abuse, and human trafficking. Its reach extends beyond just radio, television, and print and involves the Dubai community in Awareness and Fundraising events. In addition there is a dedicated team to raise funds and donations for the Foundation.


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