We Are Her Support System
Thukhor Social Club Honoring
DFWAC's brain storming sessions
DFWAC's Annual Ceremony
DFWAC's Partners
DFWAC Strategy 2019-2021
Leave a good impact - Protect Childhood
Make-up won't cover your emotional scars
The visit of the President of Malta
Awareness Campaign on human Trafficking
Don’t Underestimate the Power of Dad
Emirati Children Day
ThisIsAbuse Campaign
ThisIsAbuse Pregnancy
ThisIsAbuse Parenting
ThisIsAbuse work
ThisIsAbuse Marriage
ThisIsAbuse Divorce
Hero in the Shadow (Shams Al Mehairi)
Domestic Violence Contemporary Dance
MakeItStop Sexual Abuse
MakeItStop Smoking
MakeItStop Verbal Abuse
MakeItStop Child Neglect
MakeItStop Physical Abuse
Happiness is giving
Ms Safia Bari, Director SNF
Orange at JBR DFWAC
Snapchat Story on DFWAC Services
Orange Campaign Day 2
Help us spread the word
Dubai Landmarks Support
Pallavi Tiwari on
DFWAC National Day 2016 Celebration
Martyr Day 2016 UAE DFWAC
Women in our lives -Orange Campaign 2016
Women in our lives - Orange Campaign 2016
International Day for the Elimination
HRH The Duchess of Cornwall
DFWAC Flag Day celebration
DFWAC Flag Day celebration
Child Neglect
25 International Day for the Elimination
Rafia Ghubash - Protect Childhood Campaign
Mahra Hesham - Protect Childhood Campaign
Yousef Badr - Protect Childhood Campaign
Hamad AlHammady - Protect Childhood Campaign
Saeed Al Rumathi - Protect Childhood campaign
Maryam Al Madani - Protect Childhood Campaign
Afra Al Basti - Protect Childhood Campaign
The Green Sheikh - Protect Childhood
Protect Childhood It's Precious" Campaign
Smart Case Managment System
My Foundation Cares About My Childhood
Bonds Magazine Trailer
Bonds Magazine - English
Bonds Magazine Arabic


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